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Greg Dannis Is Part of Groundbreaking Agreement at SJUSD!

Nov 6, 2012 | Legal Developments and News

Leaders of San Jose Unified School District (SJUSD) and San Jose Teachers Association (SJTA) announced their agreement last week on a unique and innovative evaluation and compensation system.  Over the past two years, Gregory J. Dannis of Dannis Woliver Kelley (DWK) acted as Chief Negotiator for SJUSD and is co-author and co-architect of this new approach that promises to set new standards and inspire many in the field.

In part, the agreement:

  • Links pay and performance and provides impetus for an improvement plan;
  • Creates a new position of Consulting Teacher whereby teachers participate with principals on evaluations of experienced teachers and in Teacher Quality Panels;
  • Provides for multiple perspectives on a teacher’s work in an evaluation, including student growth measures, informal classroom walkthroughs, formal observations, and personal reflections;
  • Establishes new model and master teacher positions, in three-year assignments, with pay nearly 10 percent higher for model teachers and 30 percent higher for master teachers than the usual maximum for veteran teachers; and
  • Offers a new optional compressed salary schedule for teachers to reach a salary level in 13 years instead of 21 years, with those opting for the compressed schedule reaching maximum at the sooner-obtained salary level unless they become model or master teachers.

Greg Dannis offered his perspective:  “It was a great honor to be a member of the team of administrators and teachers who over the course of two years put a lot of great ideas and hard work into this innovative plan.  I enjoyed the opportunity to learn from these educational leaders, help facilitate creative discussions, and capture on paper the resulting innovations.  Implementation depends on complicated funding matters in California – as is often the case these days – but the agreement itself is groundbreaking, and it expands the dialogue and opportunities ahead for California districts.”

You may find a recent article profiling the agreement and the challenges ahead by clicking the “Read More>” link.

DWK congratulates the leaders of SJUSD and SJTA on reaching this creative solution!

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