DWK Attorneys are In Demand and On the Road!

DWK attorneys are often asked to present on a wide variety of important and cutting-edge legal issues at statewide, regional and local conferences, professional development workshops, in-services, and other events.  We regularly present at statewide conferences hosted by ACSA, CASH, CASBO, CCFC, CCSESA, CSBA, and more.

Every year, DWK attorneys prepare for and provide interactive and practical legal trainings. Designed to keep you engaged, inspired, intellectually-stimulated and up to date on the latest legal trends and developments, our attorney-led webinars and presentations are “can’t miss” professional development opportunities for you and your team.

Some examples of DWK Trainings are:

  • Ed Lab Law Series 
  • Brown Act Survival Guide and Brown Bag Lunches
  • Blueprint for Charter Authorizers Symposium
  • Summertime Business, Property, and Construction webinar series

Personalized trainings are available.

Wanting information on something specific? Fill out the following form and let a DWK Attorney tailor a training for you and your team.

Ed Lab Law Series