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Webinar Series Recording: “COVID-19 Impact on Property Issues, CEQA and DTSC”

  • June 03, 2020

June 03, 2020

Construction in the COVID-19 ERA

The arrival of COVID-19 has affected school and community college districts in significant ways. Part II of DWK’s three-part webinar series investigated how COVID-19 affects different aspects of district construction projects – from planning to related property, environmental, and regulatory issues to contractor claims. Join our panelists as they discuss the impacts of COVID-19 and strategies for effectively resolving those impacts.

COVID-19 Impact on Property Issues, CEQA and DTSC

This webinar covered property, environmental, and regulatory issues that commonly arise in connection with construction projects and how COVID-19 is affecting these areas. The panel discussed strategies for legal compliance while mitigating delay and other negative impacts caused by COVID-19.

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  • Construction
  • Clarissa R. Canady
  • Jessika K. Johnson
  • Karina K. Samaniego

COVID-19 Information: For the latest news on the impact of COVID-19 and how it may affect California schools, visit our COVID-19 resources page.