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Superior Court Denies Effort to Require State to Intervene in School Districts to Ensure Meaningful Instructional Time

  • April 21, 2015

April 21, 2015

Plaintiffs in Cruz v. State of California, et al., are students attending schools in California including Los Angeles Unified School District, Oakland Unified School District and Compton Unified School District. These students, represented by ACLU and Public Counsel, filed a motion for preliminary injunction seeking an order requiring the State to take action to ensure that each of the six high schools identified in the motion provides “meaningful instruction” during all periods of the school day and timely prepares the master schedule. The court found that plaintiffs failed to establish a statewide standard for the use of what ¬†plaintiffs referred to as “non-instructional” periods, such as home and/or service periods, or for the preparation of master schedules. The evidence of statewide standard offered by plaintiffs in the form of declarations from ten school districts across the state was insufficient to show that the six schools are offering plaintiffs an educational program that falls below any statewide standard. Absent such evidence, there is no basis to provide the requested relief.

This is ¬†not the final ¬†determination of the issues in this case but we note that any ruling regarding a “statewide standard” for provision of meaningful instructional time is likely to have statewide impacts. We will continue to apprise you of developments as this case moves forward.

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