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Reopening Schools in a COVID-19 Environment: A Negotiations Framework for Employers

Sep 9, 2020 | Publications

DWK’s President and Shareholder, Gregory J. Dannis co-authored an extensive resource guide, “Reopening Schools in a COVID-19 Environment: A Negotiations Framework for Employers” (with former Associate Juliane Rossiter). This comprehensive Framework guide will assist you with reopening school districts in the Fall.

This 34-page Negotiations Framework for Employers guide includes charts, checklists and important information to help you understand and prepare school districts in these uncharted times and environment. In addition to charts outlining the directions local associations are receiving from state organizations and suggested strategies and responses to union proposals, this Framework:

  • Provides school employers with foreknowledge of bargaining advice being given to their local associations;
  • Defines the legal boundaries of what is/is not negotiable, and what cannot be negotiated;
  • Clearly distinguishes between non-negotiable managerial decisions and potentially negotiable impacts or effects of those decisions;
  • Sets forth the process the employer must follow for decisionmaking and impact bargaining;
  • Explains whether and to what extent the employer must renegotiate matters already covered by the collective bargaining agreement (CBA); and
  • Discusses what employers can and cannot do if negotiations have not been completed when school is about to begin, and the consequences of employer unilateral actions without a negotiated memorandum of understanding (MOU) in place.

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The cost of the Framework guide is $99.

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