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DWK Brown Act Survival Training Information

Jan 27, 2021 | Publications

On January 26, 2021, DWK attorneys, including current and former governing board members, presented a Brown Act Survival Training program on how to tackle the most challenging aspects of the Brown Act and changes coming in 2021. The training seminar focused on practical approaches to the real-world issues facing board members and district staff.

Designed as a supplement to and “a step beyond” basic Brown Act trainings, the seminar covered:

  • Conducting compliant and productive virtual meetings.
  • Best practices for managing public comment.
  • Limitations on the board’s use of social media and other new laws for 2021.
  • Building meeting agendas and agenda items that avoid Brown Act complaints.
  • Proper closed session items, procedures, and reporting out.

This Brown Act training was designed specifically for Board members; Superintendents or Chancellors; Assistant Superintendents, Vice Chancellors, and cabinet members; Directors and other senior staff who interact with the board; Executive assistants and others who help build the board agenda.

DWK Brown Act Training Recording and Materials:

If you missed the presentation and would like to purchase a recording of the program, the cost for the recording, presentation packet and Brown Act Manual is $150. The recording includes: Virtual Meetings & Public Comments: Tips & Traps, as well as New Rules for Social Media & Beyond in 2021.

If you’d like to pay by credit card, please complete the PayPal form below.

If you’d like to receive an invoice and pay by check, send an email to Please reference “Brown Act Survival Training-Webinar Recording” in your email.

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DWK is also proud to offer Brown Act and governance trainings tailored for individual boards. If you are interested in such a training, please contact Emily McPeters at


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