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CSBA Webcast: “Charter School Accountability and Oversight”

Mar 14, 2017 | Publications

Original Air Date: March 8, 2017

DWK’s Sue Ann Salmon Evans was a panelist for the “Charter School Accountability and Oversight” webcast.

Charter schools that are open with their governance and accountable to the public, and that provide a meaningful education to students have become an indispensable part of California’s public education system. Due to a lack of transparency, however, some charter schools, especially for-profit charter schools, shortchange taxpayers and students. Register for this CSBA webcast to learn about increasing accountability during the petition review process, and how to oversee charter schools to ensure a meaningful education is provided to each and every student. This one-hour webcast covers:

  • Issues involving the geographic location of charter schools and the enrollment of students
  • How to seek legal remedies and subject charter schools to elements of good governance
  • Requiring the petitioner to disclose key information including: compensation sources, corporate interests, academic performance and graduation rates of other charter schools run by the petitioner

Please click here to view the webinar.


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