Title IX Fundamentals: Getting Your Team Into Compliance

Online — Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Online — Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The new Title IX regulations, which went into effect on August 14, 2020, created several new obligations in how local educational agencies must handle allegations of sexual harassment. This three-hour training will provide a deep-dive into the fundamentals of Title IX including the updated definition of sexual harassment and the grievance, appeal and informal resolution processes. We also will hone in, through interactive hypotheticals, and discuss tips for conducting impartial investigations and utilizing trauma-informed interviewing practices. At the end of the training, you will receive a copy of the training materials, which can be made publically available on your website, per the new regulatory requirements.

Participants will have an opportunity to apply the new information through interactive case studies and ask questions of DWK’s Title IX experts. For a flat rate, an unlimited number of individuals from your district can participate in the training, so we encourage anyone who may take part in the Title IX process to attend.

Hot Topics We Will Cover:

  • How to identify conduct that may trigger obligations to act;
  • New definition of sexual harassment;
  • When you can and must offer supportive measures to the parties;
  • How to give required notice and allow the parties to have an advisor present in the process;
  • Implementation of emergency removals;
  • What allegations you must dismiss for Title IX purposes and next steps after the dismissal;
  • Record keeping requirements;
  • Roles and responsibilities in the formal grievance process (Title IX Coordinator, decision-maker, investigator);
  • How to conduct a compliant investigation and implement the new requirement of a two-step evidentiary inspection process;
  • Writing an effective fact-finding report;
  • Determining responsibility and requirements for the decision-maker’s written decision;
  • Steps necessary in an internal, Title IX appeals process; and
  • Techniques for minimizing bias and ensuring an impartial Title IX process from start to finish.

Each attendee will be provided a training manual after the session.

Cost and Billing:

$495/entity or district

Upon registration, you will receive an invoice. Payment should be received before the training session. If you’d like to pay by credit card, please visit PayPal.

This training is tailored for Title IX Coordinators, school district administrators, principals, vice-principals, and any person who may take on the role of investigators, decision-makers, and facilitators of informal resolution processes and will efficiently bring your whole Title IX team into compliance with the new regulations.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020
10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

DWK Presenters: 
Jennifer Choi
Chelsea Tibbs

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