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Check This Out! Student Artists CREATE for California's Schools!

November 2, 2012

We don't get to see the results of kids' creative work often enough. We were honored and humbled by what arrived to our mailboxes and e-mail from K-12 students sharing their artistic takes on California's Schools for our art contest. We are excited to share a video slideshow of some of the great work we received. It's seven minutes, set to music, and we think you'll like it! We announced our contest winners last week, but of course we all win when the hands of the future share their creative visions. These are the inspirational moments that make us very proud of our commitment to supporting California's public schools. Thank you all for participating and for being creative for California's Schools! Here you go!


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Watch the slideshow on Vimeo

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P.S. Please feel free to forward our video slideshow to art and school appreciators everywhere! Please note you'll need a stable internet connection to view it in its best quality!