DWK The Point


Each year, DWK provides in-service trainings, webinars, focus groups, consortia, and other presentations and seminars for school districts in various locations throughout the state. We understand that professional development is key to growth and DWK is here to partner with you in reaching your goals! DWK brings focused expertise on the issues facing public education offering extensive professional development opportunities specific to management responsibilities including the following trainings:

  • Brown Act Compliance for the Business Office
  • School Construction 101/201
  • Top 10 Ways Districts Succeed with Their Construction Programs
  • Turning Ground into Gold: Strategies for Maximizing the Return on Surplus District Property
  • Public Contacts and Bidding Procedures: A Primer for Administrators
  • Negotiating Transformational Change in Teacher Evaluation and Compensation Systems
  • Disaster Preparedness for Your District
  • Reporting Gifts: Know the Rules and Avoid Scrutiny
  • After the Bond Election: Meeting Proposition 39 Requirements
  • Developing and Maintaining Effective Oversight for Charter Schools

Visit the DWK Events page to view the firm’s current Education, Labor and Employment Law (Ed Lab) Series, Charter Authorizers Seminars, and other DWK-hosted training. We cover dozens of topics, and we are always eager to provide this service. You can also work with DWK’s attorneys and client service team at info@DWKesq.com to customize a training for your district’s needs.